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About Sandanski

Sandanski as a tourist destination


Sandanski is situated on the international road E-79 Sofia - Kulata - Athens; 160 km southwest of Sofia, 20 km from the Bulgarian-Greek border and 160 km from Thessaloniki, 115 km. from the Bulgarian - Serbian border.

Healing properties of the climate in Sandanski

Sandanski is recognized as the best natural clinic for bronchial asthma in Europe. The main factor for this is the unique climate of Sandanski - continental with Mediterranean influence, for which the city’s region is known as the "Bulgarian climatic South". The air here is clean, low in allergens, rich in oxygen and negative ions; there are no polluting industries. In addition to treating people with asthma, Sandanski’s climate is also recommended in the treatment of chronic lung diseases, including conditions after bronchopneumonia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, bronchiectasis and bronchiectasis, emphysema, lung conditions after lung resection, chronic rhinitis, pharyngitis, sinusitis, vasomotor rhinitis, and allergies.

Studies show that the climate in Sandanski leads to a complete resolution of clinical signs such as dyspnoea, cough and expectoration in 80% of all patients; reduces the need for medication - bronchospasmolytics and cortisone; improve static and dynamic lung volumes and flows. For a complete healing effect, climatotherapy is recommended twice a year.

The mineral water in the „Pirin” Park hotel comes from “Miroto” spring and has the following characteristics:

  • crystal clear, colorless, with pH 7,8;
  • General mineralization - 0.590 g / l;
  • Temperature – ranging from 33 C° to 83 C° depending on the source;
  • Suitable for:
    • Drinking – in cases of gastrointestinal, hepatobiliary, renal, urological and metabolic diseases – gout, diabetes, obesity;
    • External SPA treatment – in case of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, peripheral nervous system, skin diseases (due to the high content of meta-silicic acid (72 mg / l), which has a powerful detoxicating effect on the skin)

Chemical composition of the mineral water from “Miroto” spring:

  • F - 6.0 mg / l
  • Cl - 15.6 mg / l
  • SO4 - 132.9 mg / l
  • HCO3 - 228.8 mg / l
  • Na - 157.6 mg / l
  • K - 2.55 mg / l
  • Ca - 6.3 mg / l
  • Mg - 0.04 mg / l
  • H2SiO3 - 80.6 mg / l

Sightseeing in Sandanski

  • A breezy park with over 200 species of Mediterranean plants - a great place for walking and recreation;
  • An Archaeological Museum with one of the richest collections in Bulgaria including the remains of an Episcopal basilica
  • The City Art Gallery

How to reach the city center?

Pirin Park Hotel is located 2 km away from the center of Sandanski. You can reach the center by car, taxi or by using our free shuttle service. For more information call Reception at tel. +359 746 356 00, or dial 9 from the stationery phone in your room.

Landmarks near Sandanski

  • The Rila Monastery is the richest, large and most revered monastery in Bulgaria. Built in the 30s of the 10th century, today Rila Monastery, a World Heritage by UNESCO, with its authentic atmosphere, priceless icons and carvings, attracts visitors from around the world. The monastery is situated among the fragrant pine forests of the Rila Mountain, 63 km away from Sandanski
  • Melnik - the "city of wine" is the smallest city in Bulgaria with a population of only 230 people. Melnik is a place with a rich historical heritage – declared a cultural - historical reserve and a city-museum. Furthermore, the town is renowned for its high quality wines, which have aged in the cellars of the old white houses set among the unique sand formations – the Melnik Pyramids. Melnik is situated 20 km away from Sandanski.
  • The Rozhen Monastery found just 7 km from the city of Melnik is the second largest monastery in Bulgaria after the Rila Monastery. With its unique carvings and stained glass windows, it is a true masterpiece of the Middle Ages.
  • The Nature Reserve “Roupite” with its unique nature, fauna and thermal springs is located just 15 km away from Sandanski. There you can visit the house of the most famous Bulgarian prophetess Vanga. Nearby, at the will of Vanga in 1992 was built the temple-monument "St. Petka Bulgarian" - one of the 100 National Tourist Sites in Bulgaria. “Roupite” is a crater of an extinct volcano. Nearby are the remains of the ancient city of Herculaneum Sintica.
About Sandanski
About Sandanski
About Sandanski
About Sandanski
About Sandanski
About Sandanski
About Sandanski
About Sandanski
About Sandanski
About Sandanski
About Sandanski
About Sandanski
About Sandanski