Free Time Activities | Pirin Park Hotel***** - Sandanski, Bulgaria

Free Time Activities


"Pirin" Park Hotel & partners offer teambuilding programmes based on the specifics of the company event:

  • adventure
  • Military
  • Adrenaline
  • Sports and team sports
  • Relax
  • Cultural and cognitive

Hiking tours

Here are some of the hiking routes:

  • Tremoshnitsa - "St. Father "- in the Vlaovitsa region
  • Popina Luka - River catchment and river Mozgovitsa Bashliytsa - River catchment Sarchaliitsa – in the region of Sarchaliitsa - Popina Luka
  • Turichka Church – in the region of Razkola – water tower - Countervailing - Turichka church
  • Melnik – “Rozhen” Monastery via the sandy path
  • The village of Sugarevo - the grave of Todor Alexandrov and the chapel of "Prophet St. Elias" – the village of Rozhen
  • Hut "Yane Sandanski" - hut "Begovitsa" - Begovishko (Kuklensko) lake
  • Hut "Yane Sandanski" - shelter "Spano pole"


Only a few kilometers from Park Hotel Pirin are located:

  • The architectural reserve in the town of Melnik and Rupite – the magnificent temple of the prophetess Vanga
  • The medieval “Rozhen” Monastery and the largest monastery on the Balkan Peninsula – the “Rila” Monastery
  • Village of Dolene

The village of Dolene is a cultural and educational tourist destination, which with its nature, history, small remaining population and human imagination, taken together, envelops you in an unknown and unforgettable experience. The village of Dolene is located 40 km from the town of Sandanski. There are 80,000 flowers specifically arranged according to the floristic trends, which, combined with the architecture of the old Dolene village, carry you to a magical world!



Free Time Activities
Free Time Activities
Free Time Activities