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Free Time Activities


Unforgettable trips to:

  • the architectural reserve in the town of Melnik and Rupite – the magnificent temple of the prophetess Vanga
  • the medieval “Rozhen” Monastery and the largest monastery on the Balkan Peninsula – the “Rila” Monastery
  • Chalkidiki and the Aegean town of Thessaloniki – a for the lovers of travelling

Extreme sports

For the lovers of the extreme“Pirin” Park Hotel & partners offer:

  • kayaking
  • rafting
  • rock-climbing
  • ”trolley” over a mountain waterfall and many more


"Pirin" Park Hotel & partners offer teambuilding programmes based on the specifics of the company event:

  • adventure
  • military
  • adrenaline
  • sports and team sports
  • relax
  • cultural and cognitive

Evening team parties:

  • Mr. and Mrs. competitions
  • Hawaiian party
  • Pirate party
  • Retro party
  • Cowboy party
  • Folklore party
  • Oriental party
  • Mask ball

Hiking tours

Tours in nature

Among the picturesque slopes of the Pirin Mountains professional mountain guides paint a pageant of beauty before your eyes. The only thing you need to bring is your desire and good mood.

Here are some of the hiking routes:

  • Tremoshnitsa - "St.. Father "- in the Vlaovitsa region
  • Popina Luka - River catchment and river Mozgovitsa Bashliytsa - River catchment Sarchaliitsa – in the region of Sarchaliitsa - Popina Luka
  • Turichka Church – in the region of Razkola – water tower - Countervailing - Turichka church
  • Melnik – “Rozhen” Monastery via the sandy path
  • The village of Sugarevo - the grave of Todor Alexandrov and the chapel of "Prophet St. Elias" – the village of Rozhen
  • Hut "Yane Sandanski" - hut "Begovitsa" - Begovishko (Kuklensko) lake
  • Hut "Yane Sandanski" - shelter "Spano pole"


Wine-tasting for experts

"Pirin" Park Hotel offers professional wine-tasting within the medieval stone walls of the “Kordopulova” house, located in the town of Melnik.

Free Time Activities
Free Time Activities
Free Time Activities
Free Time Activities