SPA & Health

The Pirin SPA Center with its unique atmosphere is ideal for relaxation and escape from the daily routine. Here one recharges with health, beauty and vitality. The SPA center is situated on an area of 2600 square meters and has all the necessary staff – a doctor - specialist in internal medicine and physical and rehabilitation medicine, nurses, qualified therapists, physiotherapists, masseurs, experienced beauticians, fitness instructors, offering the following services to its guests:

SPA & Wellness at the „Pirin” Park hotel

Here you can enjoy the extraordinary diversity of SPA & Wellness procedures from Europe and all around the world, with premium cosmetics, including bio products, as well as typical Bulgarian herbs and spices:

  • Classic and exotic massages, peeling and SPA rituals;
  • Gourmet therapies for pleasure;
  • Aromatherapy;
  • Cleansing, moisturizing, firming, lifting, anti-wrinkle, nourishing and rejuvenating SPA treatments and rituals;
  • Therapies for men;
  • Therapies for pregnant women;
  • DIBI techno rituals for face and body;
  • Hydro and air massage tubs with mineral water and herbs;

Pirin SPA Center offers procedures with the following cosmetic brands:


VIP Zone for two:

Celebrate with your loved one, surprise your partner, give yourself an unforgettable experience for two. Have fun!

The VIP Zone at “Pirin” SPA Center offers the following rituals for two: "Europe", "Asia", "Africa", "Orient" and "Rose - organic," which include:

  • “Sarail”
  • SPA massage for two
  • Bath for two
  • VIP corner for relaxation

Hair and beauty salon:

Everything for the hair, manicure and pedicure! The salon offers high quality services with professional products. Let us take good care of your self-esteem.



“Pirin” SPA Center takes care of your health!

The power of natural healing factors, scheduled exercise and the healthy nutrition all guarantee your health and self-esteem!

Medical SPA

  • “Anti-stress”
  • “Lung programme”
  • “Joint diseases and peripheral nervous system”
  • “Mother – child”

The medical SPA programmes at the „Pirin” Park hotel are held individually on prescription and include a complex of the following procedures:

  • Medical examination - initial, control and final;
  • Balneo-hydrotherapy: pearl bath, underwater shower massage (jet), therapeutic pool with hot mineral water, hydro massage benches and a "tired legs" Kneipp foot bath;
  • Physiotherapy: electrotherapy, magnetic therapy, laser therapy, ultrasound, light therapy, thermotherapy and cryotherapy, lye therapy, therapy with peat, inhalations with mineral water and herbs;
  • Massage therapy and rehabilitation, terrain treatment, remedial gymnastics, breathing exercises, specialized kinesitherapeutic techniques, therapeutic massages, and lymphatic drainage.

Make prior consultation with our receiving physician, Dr. Lilia Bakalova, a specialist in internal medicine, physiotherapy, acupuncture and laser therapy, e-mail:  spareceptionatparkhotelpirin [hop] com.

The mineral water in the „Pirin” Park hotel comes from “Miroto” spring and has the following characteristics:

  • Crystal clear, colorless, with pH 7,8;
  • General mineralization - 0.590 g / l;
  • Temperature – ranging from 33 C° to 83 C° depending on the source;
  • Suitable for:
    • Drinking – in cases of gastrointestinal, hepatobiliary, renal, urological and metabolic diseases – gout, diabetes, obesity;
    • External SPA treatment – in case of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, peripheral nervous system, skin diseases (due to the high content of meta-silicic acid (72 mg / l), which has a powerful detoxicating effect on the skin)

Chemical composition of the mineral water from “Miroto” spring:

  • F - 6.0 mg / l
  • Cl - 15.6 mg / l
  • SO4 - 132.9 mg / l
  • HCO3 - 228.8 mg / l
  • Na - 157.6 mg / l
  • K - 2.55 mg / l
  • Ca - 6.3 mg / l
  • Mg - 0.04 mg / l
  • H2SiO3 - 80.6 mg / l

Healing properties of the climate in Sandanski

Sandanski is recognized as the best natural clinic for bronchial asthma in Europe. The main factor for this is the unique climate of Sandanski - continental with Mediterranean influence, for which the city’s region is known as the "Bulgarian climatic South". The air here is clean, low in allergens, rich in oxygen and negative ions; there are no polluting industries. In addition to treating people with asthma, Sandanski’s climate is also recommended in the treatment of chronic lung diseases, including conditions after bronchopneumonia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, bronchiectasis and bronchiectasis, emphysema, lung conditions after lung resection, chronic rhinitis, pharyngitis, sinusitis, vasomotor rhinitis, and allergies.

Studies show that the climate in Sandanski leads to a complete resolution of clinical signs such as dyspnoea, cough and expectoration in 80% of all patients; reduces the need for medication - bronchospasmolytics and cortisone; improve static and dynamic lung volumes and flows. For a complete healing effect, climatotherapy is recommended twice a year.

The facilities in “Pirin” SPA Center

Facilities for balneo-hydrotherapy:

  • Whirlpool bath;
  • Wooden eco-bath - hydro and aero-massage;
  • Whirlpool bath for two – hydro and aero-massage;
  • Pearl bath;
  • Thermal pool with Kneipp foot baths.

Facilities for physiotherapy:

  • BTL-08 Three-channel electrocardiograph;
  • Apparatus for electrodiagnostics and electrotherapy Medim 300;
  • Apparatus with mid currents Medim MF / interferential /;
  • Combined laser system Gita M;
  • Ultrasonic therapeutic apparatus Sonomed;
  • Apparatus for magnetic therapy Medical system Mag 40;
  • Electrical stimulator Lotus 8M;
  • Apparatus for darsonvalization Vitaderm L;
  • Ultrasonic nebulizer.

Boost your health with some sports at the „Pirin” Park hotel!


Our professional fitness center is equipped with TECHNOGYM cardio equipment and appliances for each muscle group. An experienced fitness instructor will create a tailor-made exercise programme especially for you.

Enjoy the pool areas at the „Pirin” Park hotel! The hotel offers both outdoor and indoor pools with different concentration of mineral water:

  • Outdoor swimming pool 25 x 10 m., 28 ° C (open from May to September)
  • heated pool for children, 6 x 4 m., 33 ° C, depth 60 cm. (open from May to September)
  • Outdoor thermal pool, 6 x 4 m., 38 ° C, depth 1.20 cm. (open from October to April)
  • Indoor swimming pool with whirlpool jets and a water mirror, 16 x 8 m., 29-31 ° C
  • Internal therapeutic pool with 100% mineral water, whirlpool jets and Kneipp foot baths, 10 x 4 m., 37 ° C
  • Indoor pool for children, 3 x 5 m., 33 ° C, depth 70 cm.

The external swimming pools at the „Pirin” Park hotel are located in the picturesque garden. Right next to the outdoor pool is the pool bar which offers its guests fresh fruits, juices, ice cream, sandwiches and more.

All pools in the „Pirin” Park hotel are supervised by certified lifeguards.

Working hours: every day from 08:00 to 20:00.

The swimming facilities can be used by hotel guests from 14:00 on the day of arrival until 12:00 pm. on the day of departure.


The Jacuzzi in “Pirin” SPA Center is located right next to the outdoor swimming pool. It can accommodate a maximum of 6 people, has a pearl effect and can also be used for chromotherapy.

Sauna park

The modern sauna park at the „Pirin” Park hotel is a promise of unforgettable pleasure. At your disposal there are both a traditional and a bio sauna with aromatherapy, a classic steam bath with aroma and steam bath with hammam, ice fountain and emotional showers, contrast temperature pools. And after all of that you can relax in the cozy relaxation area with your body in absolute ecstasy!


The solarium at the „Pirin” Park hotel is Ergoline Advantage 350, equipped with 38 lamps (100 watts each) and three facial tanners at 360 watts. It has an advanced technology for ventilation with two facial nozzles and four nozzles for the body.

Nordic walking

Nordic walking originates from the Scandinavian countries. It resembles skiing and it is used as warm-up exercise by ski runners. The load is 46% higher than in walking. However, Nordic walking prevents knee and hip injuries. There are two Nordic walking routes starting from the „Pirin” Park hotel. The first one lasts 40 minutes, and the longer one takes about an hour and a half. Both routes are cross-country and include visiting a few small landmarks.

Walking and biking tours

There is a 2 km long bicycle route starting from the „Pirin” Park hotel.

Bicycles for rent

The „Pirin” Park hotel provides rental bicycles to its guests, both adults and children. The price is 5.00 BGN per hour.